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Customer Scheduling
We will go out of our way to work around your schedule. Often times, the customer wants to be there while the job is being done, however that is not at all obligatory.


Kelly - 615-758-6936
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Also, in our line of work, the weather is always a factor and something that we unfortunately cannot avoid. However, we will keep you posted daily, should the weather force us to reschedule your tree work.




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Thank you for considering Kelly's Cutting Edge LLC for your tree service needs. We look forward to doing business with you! Give us a call at one of the numbers below, or send us an email with your name, address & phone number and we will come and take a look. And as always - estiamtes are free!


(615) 758-6936 Office

(615) 372-9206 - Tom Mobile




Send us an eamil to this address if you would like a free estimate. Make sure to include your address with the zip-code so that our GPS Nav systems can easily find you.

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Have we done any work for you? Were you satisfied or dissatisfied with our service? Let us know at this address. Our customer base is our livelihood and we care very much how you feel about our company and its performance. If there is something we can change to improve our customers satisfaction please let us know. If we have done some work for you in the past and you were happy with our service and take the time to let us know by sending us an email - we will proudly display it here on our website .

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Those who work along side Kelly's Cutting Edge LLC helping us keep it going - landscapers, contractors, insurance agents, advertising companies, sister companies, etc. Please send your emails to the following address.

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