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Do You Know What Tree That Is? | PDF
Do you know the types of trees you have? See if this helps you identify some of the most common trees in Tennessee and the southern states.


Fast Growing Trees | PDF
Looking for that perfect tree but dont want to wait forever having to worry about its small size? Although trees are slow growing plants in general, here are some of the faster growers.


Recognizing Hazardous Trees | PDF
Do you know how to spot a dangerous tree? This article will help you spot potential hazards before they happen.


Hiring A Tree Service |
An article by David Beaulieu
A few things to consider when choosing and/or hiring a tree service for your trees.


When You Need An Arborist | Another David Beaulieu article
What is the difference? How to know what type of service you need and where/what to look for.



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Be & Stay Informed....

Do you recognize the types of trees you have?

How about whether or not they are hazardous and vulnerable to failing, falling or breakage anytime soon?


Do you know what the electric company is/isn’t allowed to do by law, to the trees near power lines on your property?What about the neighbor's trees? Do you have the right to trim them? What if the trunk sits right in the middle of the property line?


Are you familiar with the pricing process on different types of tree work?

Maybe you would just like to know what the average cost is for this type of service.

How does someone go about hiring a tree service company? What is an arborist and how do you if or when you need one?


The pages in this section will hopefully answer all of the most commonly asked questions. Just browse around to learn a little bit before choosing a tree service or simply satisfy your curiosity on what this industry entails.


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Hiring A Tree Service

Recognizing Hazardous Trees

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