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Find out what to do after a severe storm hits your home or business, read about insurance laws and procedures, and even check your local forecast in this section..

It is very important to have a regular maintenance system in place before the storm season arrives. Keeping your trees properly trimmed regularly, reduces the potential for damage to the tree itself and prevents flying limbs from falling or becoming projectiles.



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We depend on our customers just as much as they depend on us! That's why we work hard to make sure each client is satisfied, going above and beyond to please... ...from the very big jobs - to the very small ones. So when we get a referral from a customer, or a letter telling us how happy they are with a job well done....we proudly display it as our greatest achievement!

Here Are Some Happy Customer Reviews About Our Service....

Just Like Broccoli

Kelly and Tom did an amazing job trimming the two Bradford Pear Trees in front of our house.

What made the difference in comparison to other tree trimming I've seen is how perfectly round they made the trees.

I watched them work for a while and Kelly was bound and determined to get them absolutely perfect, as Tom trimmed away.

They are customer focused, friendly, and very affordable, too.

They will always be my first call when it comes to tree trimming needs and I'll be recommending them to friends.

Jeff Loper - Mount Juliet

Excellent service, and friendly people.

They were there when they said they would be, they did a great job of taking out five evergreen trees and three junipers and a very ugly lilac shrub.

Their clean up was thorough. The quote was fair and reasonable. It was everything you would want in a tree cutting service.

I would certainly recommend Kelly's Cutting Edge to others. Thank you so much.

Joy Bartels

Joy Bartels - Mount Juliet


I've used Kelly's Cutting Edge service two times now and I'm happy to say I'll use them again the next time I need work done.

They are very professional and thorough...all at a fair price. My experience is they operate with a lot integrity. I can tell they are not just good business people but good people in general and it reflects in their actions.

This is important to me because I know they can be trusted. I highly recommend them!

Russel Hitt

Russel Hitt - Mount Juliet TN


Tom & Kelly,

Great job on removing our dead tree, you all did a great job and I will recommend you to anyone who needs tree service.

Thanks again, Danny and Cathy Palmer

Danny and Cathy Palmer - Mount Juliet TN



For three years running I have had the pleasure of working with Kelly’s Cutting Edge Tree Service.

Tom knows how much I care about the many trees I have in my back yard. He walks and talks with me and advises me on the health and safety of the trees around my house and makes recommendations on what needs to be done.

It is always amazing to watch Tom work and I find myself not doing my work while I watch him climb very old, very tall, and very dead trees. He makes it look effortless.

When his job is completed it is as if he was never there. The yard is cleaned and raked and all debris is removed. He offers fair and reasonable prices for his services.

Recently I had more trees removed and experienced two days of watching and listening to Tom and his wonderful family work and interact together.

What an amazing and inspirational family! I will continue to have Kelly’s Cutting Edge take care of my trees for many more springs to come.

Thank You, Karin Felts

Don & Karin Felts - Mt. Juliet TN



We have lived in Hermitage, in a small subdivision for the last 18 years. When my wife and I moved into our home there were three "small" pine trees in a line in our back yard. Over those 18 years, those trees grew to be "large", 60 foot trees! Unfortunately, the first in line of those trees died.

As anyone who owns a home can tell you, finding good service companies can be a challenge. Over the years I have come to rely on word of mouth and references from people I know and trust. With that in mind, I called the property management company that takes care of our neighborhood. They referred me to a tree service and we were able to meet the next day. They took one look at my situation and quickly concluded that they couldn't help me. The tree was basically between the corner of the house, the fence, and the other trees. They said I need "a climber" and told me they knew just the service, referring me to Kelly's Cutting Edge.

I contacted Kelly's Cutting Edge and setup an appointment. Kelly, "The Boss" and Tom, "The Climber", and the rest of the Tumbaridis family arrived as promised and took a look at my trees. They said that they didn't need a bucket truck because Tom climbs all of the trees they service and that my tree would be no problem. They quoted a very reasonable price and put me on the schedule.

Kelly, Tom and the crew (sons TJ, Alex and Trevor) arrived early on the morning of the service and quickly got to work. They came fully prepared with trucks, a wood chipper and saws. It was apparent that they were professionals. Climbing a tree, cutting it down from the top, and running a chipper is dangerous work. Every one of the crew had all the proper safety equipment from hardhats to ropes and harnesses. With Tom climbing and cutting, Kelly spotting Tom from the ground, Alex and Trevor clearing the cuttings and TJ running the chipper, they made fast work of the 60 foot tall, 2 1/2 foot diameter tree.


Needless to say, I was very happy!


However, once the first tree was removed it was apparent the the middle tree was in bad shape. The three trees were only five feet apart so the middle tree didn't get any sun causing it to have very few limbs, but worse the tree was leaning towards my house. Tom and me talked about it and I decided that I would like to get on the schedule and have the tree removed. Tom said that would be great and quoted me a price that was about two-thirds the price of the first tree because the tree, while still 60 feet tall, was only 2 feet in diameter and had fewer limbs.




A little while later, with the crew doing cleanup, Tom and Kelly came to me and said that if they could go ahead and get the second tree now, they would discount the price even further!




They set to work on the second tree and had it down in no time. Once the tree was down, Tom pointed out that it had rotted on the inside. It was Tom's knowledge and experience that probably saved me from dealing with a tree falling into my master bedroom!


Finally, as Tom was cleaning up the stumps with a chain saw, Kelly climbed the third, remaining tree and removed the dead branches and twigs leaving it healthy and well balanced. TJ, Alex and Trevor finished removal and chipping and did a great job cleaning up, actually going beyond the call-of-duty by removing some existing yard debris for me.


All-in-all, my experience with Kelly's Cutting Edge tree service was great. Everyone was professional, friendly, courteous and conscientious.


As a company, Kelly's exceeded my expectations and while I know it varies from job-to-job, Kelly's charged me less in the end than initially quoted! I would, without reservation, recommend Kelly's Cutting Edge tree service.


Thank you Kelly, Tom, TJ, Alex and Trevor.

Sincerely, Mike Willis

Mike Willis – Hermitage, TN



I just wanted to take a moment and say how thankful I am for the wonderful job that Kelly’s Cutting Edge did on my trees.


This weekend I was able to mow without whacking my head on a branch and as I looked around my yard I realized that I most certainly got my money’s worth - maybe even more. I didn’t even have to rake!


I appreciated the quality work, the fair and reasonable price, and the pleasant atmosphere they brought with them. They exemplify the meaning of “Family Business”.


I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reputable company who does exceptional, quality work.


Mike Hammet – Mt. Juliet, TN



Recently I contacted Kelly’s Cutting Edge about the removal of a large tree adjacent to my driveway. Tom arranged to meet me at a time that was convenient for me. He was prompt and gave me a very reasonable estimate. The tree was over twenty-five feet tall and when he informed me that he would not be using a bucket truck, I knew I had to be present to see this done.


Tom arrived at the time promised and in a matter of a few hours had the tree removed and the area thoroughly cleaned. Tom climbed the tree and carefully removed the limbs one at a time to insure no damage was done to my property. My wife and I were especially pleased with the great care that was taken around the existing landscaping. With the exception of a missing tree, you could hardly tell they had even been there.


We are completely satisfied with the professional efficient service provided. I can unequivocally recommend Kelly’s Cutting Edge for any tree service needs.


David S. Shoemaker – Nashville TN



I would like to recommend Kelly’s Cutting Edge tree service to any potential customer, who may be inquiring of their services.

Being a small business/family owned and operated, they offer a surprisingly much more competitive price, yet still remaining very concerned about completing the job as requested & to my satisfaction, and yet still managing to stay within the time-frames they committed to.

I was personally very impressed at the diligence and neatness of their work on my large tree removal job. Along with remarkable quality, they are completely trustworthy. And although they never used it, upon leaving my home I gave them free access to bathroom and kitchen facilities for their convenience and I had absolutely no concern over my personal belongings or security - how refreshing!

I am sure that any other customer having had the pleasure of their services would agree. I certainly intend on calling them for any future needs of tree service work I may have.

Barbara Lamb LMT, ABMP - Antioch, TN



Thank you for a job well done. The trees and stumps were removed promptly and I appreciate the pleasant conversation. I will be glad to recommend you to my family and friends and anyone else who needs tree work.

Bill Donahue - Mt. Juliet




Thank you so much!

You really did a beautiful job with our trees! They look amazing!

We would be happy to refer you to others.

You truly went the extra mile!

God Bless you both.

Tim & Rita Brewer – Nashville TN



Tom & Kelly, Thanks again for providing the very best in tree services! You were there when you promised and did such a wonderful job (especially the clean up!) We will happily recommend you to anyone looking for quality tree service for a reasonable price. Keep up the good work!


Phil & Judy Morrow – Mt. Juliet, TN



Very Happy! Thank you so much for such a wonderful job! Use us if you ever need a recommendation. We will definitely be calling you again.


Justin, Cher, & Brennan McDonald - Brentwood, TN



Dear Tom and Kelly,

Thank you so much for the wonderful job that Kelly’s Cutting Edge did for my husband and me.

It was quite a surprise to have the large tree fall on our house and we are so grateful that we chose your business to help us remove it.

It is nice to know that you’re a family business.

Your consideration with our insurance company was also very much appreciated.

We will definitely use you guys again!


Doug and Anissa Sanborn – Nashville TN



Kelly and Tom,

We just want you to know how very pleased we are with your excellent service when one of our trees had to be removed.

Much research went into our decision of choosing a tree service and we could not have been more pleased.

Every aspect of the experience was 150% positive and we can now sleep better at night knowing that huge tree won’t fall on our house and that we were given a more than fair price in having it removed.

Thanks so much for a job well done!


Ron & Emily Bridges – Summerwind Farm, Lebanon, TN




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