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Mike Willis | Hermitage, TN
...As a company, Kelly's exceeded my expectations and while I know it varies from job-to-job, Kelly's charged me less in the end than initially quoted! I would, without reservation, recommend Kelly's Cutting Edge tree service...>>read more

Karen Felts | Mt. Juliet, TN

It is always amazing to watch Tom work and I find myself not doing my work while I watch him climb very old, very tall, and very dead trees....and he makes it look effortless. When the job is completed it is as if they were never there. What an amazing and inspirational family! I will continue to have Kelly’s Cutting Edge take care of my trees for.....>>read more

Russel Hitt | Mt. Juliet, TN
I've used Kelly's Cutting Edge service two times now and I'm happy to say I'll use them again the next time I need work done. They are very professional and....>>read more

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Trimming includes......


Raising the "Canopy" or "Crown" which is removing the lowermost branches of a tree in order to provide clearance for pedestrians, buildings, vehicles or vistas.

Tall growing trees near overhead lines can cause service interruptions when trees contact wires. Overhead lines can be either electric, telephone, or cable television. Children or adults climbing in these trees can be severely injured or even killed if they come in contact with the wires.

It is extremely important to call a professional for this type of tree work.


Trimming also involves: removing the branches that could fall and cause injury or property damage, trimming branches that interfere with lines of sight on streets or driveways, and removing branches that grow into the side of a home rubbing and scraping the exterior of the house and causing damage to the tree and/or house.

.....and removing the dead and dying branches throughout the tree helping the tree stay healthy and making your property more attractive.


Many customers call us for an estimate on topping their trees.

We do not practice this method for many reasons, but the main reason is that topping is hazardous to trees. When a tree is topped, the new growth is smaller and weaker than the original branches. This makes it very weak and unpredictable since it breaks very easily, creating a potential danger to anyone beneath it.

It is better to just remove the tree altogether than to top it.

There are too many reasons to list here why we are so against topping so we dedicated a whole page to it. Visit our topping page to learn all about topping trees and the danger it poses.


Unfortunately, no matter how much care we give our trees, because of circumstances beyond anyones control, they must sometimes come down. We will give you an honest opinion if we see that a tree needs to be removed and will give you a fair and reasonable price to remove it for you.


To ensure that your trees are trimmed and cared for in an efficient, reliable, and professional manner, consider Kelly's Cutting Edge LLC for the job.



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