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Who we are, how much we know, and why we claim to be "A Cut Above the Rest" can be found in this section of our site.

Our business license and other legal requirements to serve in the tree service industry, along with our insurance coverage information can also be accessed here.


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From the very small to the very large, no job is too big or too small, and estimates are always free, so browse around the Our Services section of our website to see the services we offer, find out what best fits your needs, and even learn a little bit about what we do....






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Severe Weather & More

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Find out what to do after a severe storm hits your home or business, read about insurance laws and procedures, and even check your local forecast in this section.....just click one of the links below.


Check Your Local Weather

Local forecast and radar information.


The Calm Before the Storm

It is very important to be prepared before disaster strikes. During the storm season, being prepared by knowing what to look for and having a plan in place - can mean the difference between "whether you weather the storm, or getting caught out in the rain"


Establish a regular maintenance system schedule before the storm season arrives, by keeping your trees properly pruned regularly, reduces the potential for damage to the tree itself and prevents flying limbs from falling or becoming projectiles.

Learn the difference between "watches" and "warnings", how a storm system developes, and lots more.


Mother Nature's Fury

What to do during a severe storm. Steps to take to protect your family when mother nature does her worst.



Once The Dust Settles

Now that the storm has passed and the damage is done, here is a list of who to call, where to go, and things you can do after the dust settles.




Insurance Policy Information

It seems to appear out of nowhere, and is gone within minutes, but in that short time a tornado can devastate a home and in some cases, a family’s livelihood. Here are some vital steps for assessing your insurance needs before a disaster, and filing a claim should you be caught in one.




Important Links to Local and Federal Disaster Websites

Despite the best efforts of a regular tree trimming program, no one can prevent the kind of tree damage caused by catastrophic weather events such as ice, snow, strong winds or tornadoes. If you are a survivor of a disaster like this here are some links to websites that can help.







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